BIG ISLAND OUTFITTERS LLC, JUSTIN LLANES- Owner and guide. Hawaii Big Game Hunting 

been hunting Wild Boar, Sheep, Bird and Feral Goat on the Big Island of Hawaii for more than two 
decades.  I was born and raised in Keahou Mauka, on the south-western side of the Big Island.  I learned that hunting was key to survival, and throughout the years, it developed into a hobby and my life.  During the many years of my hunting career, I have been both a guide and hunter.  I've guided for my uncle as well as hunted for fun with family and friends .  I have gained a lot of knowledge from the land as well as respect; for both the sport and nature.

Besides hunting, I enjoy fishing, farming, training dogs and being
with my family.  Training hog dogs has been a great interest in my life.  Good dogs is key to hog hunting!  I admit that the dogs do 99.9% of the work and I mostly enjoy getting there and finishing up the mission.  Due to learning how to stalk from a young age with a bow and gun I've learned the patients of being a successful hunter and guide.

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